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This repository provides a few examples of customizing the Dovetail.SDK.Properties library to extend functionality in Dovetail Rule Manager and Dovetail Agent.

This extension adds the Dovetail.Commons.DovetailExtensionAttribute to the assembly. This attribute is required in order for Dovetail.SDK.Properties to include it as an extension.

Property Functions

The property evaluation provides multiple hooks for processing Tokens once they've been parsed. Property functions leverage this hook by providing a mechanism for exposing C# classes as property tokens. This is facilitated through the IPropertyFunction interface. This interface defines a method that for executing any custom code and accepts two arguments:

  1. TemplateContext - This provides context for the object type as well as the object identifier. It also provides a mechanism for passing data through the evaluation process. Rule Manager uses this mechanism to pass around the underlying Application Event.
  2. IServiceLocator - The property function is instantiated and cached in memory. This service is provided for you to request services from the underlying StructureMap container.

Date Examples

The first example leverages leverages the DateTime class for returning the current date and time.

SDK Examples

The second set of examples leverages the Dovetail SDK to query for data.

Web Service Example

The third example demonstrates C# code used to execute a web service to expand a property token.

Build and Deploy

How to build and deploy these examples.